Resource Spotlight: On Edge 8-Week Curriculum

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Do you wish people in your church understood mental illness? Would you love to lead a small group or Sunday school class to decrease stigma and begin some positive dialogue? You can and should do this, and I am proud to shine a spotlight today on my On Edge small group curriculum.

All you need to do is pick a time and a place and everything else you need is in the Leader’s Guide. Each group member will need a copy of On Edge: Mental Illness in the Christian Context and you’ll need just one Leader’s Guide. You’ll find tips on how to lead a group and handle sensitive topics along with how to format and structure the group. Free video links are included so that each week you can let me do the 20-minute teaching segment for you! Discussion questions, key Bible verses, and ways to follow up with group members are all provided in the Leader’s Guide.

I put out this curriculum because every church needs to do this group. We need to have conversations about mental illness. We need to understand the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of mental health disorders. If you are passionate about this topic, lead a group in your church. It’s only 8 weeks, but the positive impact of tearing through stigma in your church will last a lifetime.

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