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One of the biggest complaints I hear from pastors about the Church Therapy model is that there are not enough Christian counselors to meet the mental health needs in their congregations. (Ironically, the Christian counseling graduates complain that there are no churches trying to hire counselors… We’re trying to fix that with the Residency Program!)

Because there are so many reasons not everyone can make it into a counseling office, I’ve decided to bring more of my insights about emotional health to you, your friends and your fellow church members. offers daily devotional insights from a Christian counselor’s perspective. I’ve started in Galatians 5 and will work my way through a variety of passages in the Bible that connect with our mental health.

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If you are looking for more Christian self-help resources, check out my books page as well! I can’t reach everyone from my counseling office, but my books offer a lot of the wisdom I share with my clients every single day. Pass on these resources to your church so that we can continue to talk openly about emotional and mental health on a daily basis. Enjoy!