Happy New Year!

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Blessings for the new year! I pray that 2018 is full of NEW — new ideas, new experiences, new freedoms, new encouragement. I invite you to check out my daily devotional blog, FreedomForToday.com, along with my FREE app. I’m starting the year off right with a series called 21 Days to Freedom. It’s a great resource for yourself and your church family.

I’m also celebrating the new year by giving away my newest ebook, Becoming the You God Sees, FREE Jan 1 to Jan 5. You can also find my self-paced online course for half price this week too (use coupon code NEWYEAR50).

I would love to connect with you this year. Leave a comment or reach out on Twitter (@ChurchTherapist). Can’t wait to see what God has in store for all of us as we advocate for mental health for the Christian life!


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